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Kids programming (was Re: " Captain Bob" Cottle, RIP)

At 12:45 AM 4/28/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I'll bet if either WNDS or WABU took a chance with a studio based kids show
>in the afternoon, it would do well.
Interesting... Forty years ago, when TV stations did kid shows, I doubt
whether anybody even thought of asking how the stations could justify
programming aimed at an audience that did not fill out Arbitron diaries.
Now, everybody wonders how Radio Disney can succeed because the listeners
are too young to be given Arbitron diaries. Is it that forty years ago, it
was assumed that parents were sufficiently involved in their kids' TV
watching to correctly note when the kids watched "Captain Bob?" And is it
that, now, the parents are assumed to be so busy that they neither know nor
care whether their kids are watching TV or building 30 bombs to blow up
their school? 

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