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Re: Halper article on WGI

Marty wrote--
>        The May issue of Popular Communications magazine arrived here today
>with an article by Donna Halper about 1XE  / WGI, Boston's, and I guess New
>England's, first broadcasting station. Good stuff. Interesting photos. Way
>to go, Donna.

This is a short version of a much longer article which will soon be posted
to the Archives-- it took 2 years to up-date what I originally wrote for
the Archives several years ago-- going to Eunice Randall's home, getting
rare memorabilia about WGI and their battle with the Department of
Commerce, learning more about the many firsts this little pioneer station
achieved... I knew I had to do more research and try to restore WGI to its
rightful place in the pioneers of radio pantheon!  I'm every going back to
college to get my PhD in History starting this fall!!!  Thanks for the kind
words, Marty, and to everyone on the Boston Radio Interest Group who
encouraged my research, I am very grateful for the support.