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Re: " Captain Bob" Cottle, RIP

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From: Mark <markwats@netway.com>

WCVB (Ch 5) reported on it's 5:30 PM news today that " Captain Bob"
> Cottle,who for many years hosted a Saturday morning show on Ch 5 that
> taught children about art and nature,passed away at the age of 79.

He worked briefly at WXPO in 1969 as well, in fact his Channel 5 set got
trashed there when the water pipes blew.

I am probably the least talented artist ever put on the planet, but way back
when I would follow his instructions and actually do a good job. 40 plus
years later, I remember him.....which makes me ask once again, who/what will
my 7 year old remember 40 years from now????

I'll bet if either WNDS or WABU took a chance with a studio based kids show
in the afternoon, it would do well.