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J.J. on the radio!

Hello fellow readers,

Today I spoke to J.J. who had informed me that someone on this list said
he(J.J./The Prince) is "NO" longer on the air because of his heavy work load
behind the
scenes". Yes it's true, he has other obligations! The only change ever
occurring was his no
longer doing MID-DAYS...Yes that's MID-DAYS!!! However J.J. is STILL on the
air and indeed
alive and well and "IS" 50% of the highly successful "Q-Morning Show" With
"Merrideth in
the Morning" Monday through Friday. As a matter of fact J.J. gets up at 3:45
each morning!!!
  J.J.  just wanted to make sure there was no misunderstanding, as was
suggested! If anyone
has any questains, please feel free to email me at:  amfm@maine.rr.com

Roy Lawrence
Fuller-Jeffrey Broadcasting of New England
Portland, Maine