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WMUA Reunion

Well, it was a fine reunion, and I got my first chance do do a show in 
over 30 years.  I was originally scheduled for an hour, but the person 
who had the next show invited me to take another half hour until the 
next alum was scheduled to arrive.  So I got an hour and a half, and it 
went by oh, so fast.

On the way up, I listened to someone from the Class of 1954 playing 
some really great jazz and show tunes.  When I met him at the reunion, 
he was really delighted that I had heard him and enjoyed the show.

And I got to see some people that I haven't seen in over 30 years!

I hope some of you caught the show.  I didn't realize it, but WMUA is 
on the web, so you didn't have to be within range of the signal to listen.

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