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Re: WMUA Reunion

On 23 Apr 99,  Martin J. Waters wrote:

>         I'm going also and will be over in Northampton drinking coffee on
> Sunday when you do your show. With the big 1 kW signal, of course, you'll
> be loud and clear. But WARNING: They have a board with slide pots now (of
> course). How about a bumper sticker: "Real radio people turn knobs."

I hope they'll have someone there to help me run the board.  I figured 
they wouldn't still have the board that was brand new when I was a 
freshman in 1963.
>         And don't go to the old location in Marston Hall. They're in a
> windowless basement in the new (new in 1970) Campus Center building.

Yes, I know. I've seen the new studios.

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