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RE: WZLX - "I Don't Like Mondays"


(a) Remember a lot of what was on CNN and MSNBC was not their coverage from
in-house, but rather taken from local stations affiliated with them.
Obviously, they haven't got control over those feeds.

(b) CNN's policy for what it produces is to screen every call -- but the
infamous "Howard Stern" callers know how to sound very real to screeners.

(c) Per media reports, the local stations in Denver were screening calls as
well... though they used very poor judgment, IMO, putting that kid on who
gave his location away at a school with TV sets in almost every room.

- -- Doug Broda 

At 03:10 PM 4/21/99 -0400, Smyth, Sean@Beacon Mail Server (MACMAIL) wrote:
>Bob writes:
>>During CNN's coverage yesterday, someone got on the
>>air posing as a student or someone near the scene,
>>and they started babbling about how "Howard Stern
>>did it. His TV show ratings are going down, and..."
>>The CNN anchor immediately cut the caller off.
>Doesn't this say a lot about those screening these
>calls? Sometimes in a rush to have a "scoop" TV
>outlets put the first person that calls in on the
>air. This happened with the O.J. Simpson thing a
>few years ago, too, on ABC.