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Re: WMUA Reunion

>Joe Ross wrote:
>I'm scheduled to be on Sunday from noon to 1
>PM, if any of you out there are within range and would like to listen.  I
>think this will be my first time doing a show on the radio in over 30

        I'm going also and will be over in Northampton drinking coffee on
Sunday when you do your show. With the big 1 kW signal, of course, you'll
be loud and clear. But WARNING: They have a board with slide pots now (of
course). How about a bumper sticker: "Real radio people turn knobs."

        The RCA board we thought (and it was ) was so first class when we
put it in in 1970 was reduced to being the newsroom production baord the
last time I was in there a few years ago. Back then, we held up the student
Senate for massive $$$ for the power increase to 1 kW. Since it also
involved going stereo, all the boards and big items in the chain had to be

        And don't go to the old location in Marston Hall. They're in a
windowless basement in the new (new in 1970) Campus Center building.
There's a great story about how the station was homeless and forced into
limited operations for one or two years in the early '80s when the
Engineering School suddenly (very suddenly) evicted the station from the
old location without providing time for new studios to be obtained. How the
h#$# they got away with that, I do not know.


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