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RE: Brown Eyed Girl -- "Turn up the radio" (Was Re: Market Research)

Hi Bump,
(and for all other lovers of great top 40 radio) - check out the salute to
97DJ at this address http://members.aol.com/porcarocpu/wwdj1.html
This was the top 40 competitor to WABC for about 2-3 years in the early
70's.  WBOS's George Taylor Morris was there for a time.
There is an aircheck of their top jock, Bwanna Johnny, at
For those who have never visited that site, you have been missing a real
Give me jingles, give me personalities!
- -Dave

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> Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 1999 1:23 PM
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> Subject: Re: Brown Eyed Girl -- "Turn up the radio" (Was Re: Market
> Research)
> >Also of note from the NY Message Board, WABC never played
> "My Ding-A-Ling"
> >despite it being #1 on competitor 97 WWDJ.  WBOS's George
> Taylor Morris was
> >a jock on the great 97DJ.
> Anyone know what year(s) GTM was on WWDJ?
> (I also heard that Sean Casey was also an alumni of 97DJ.
> Anyone know what
> year?)
> BTW...WHat were the 'great years' of WWDJ....and what ws it's
> downfall?
> (Are they Foreign Language now?)
> BM