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An Honorable Mention ("Ask The Manager")

     "Ask The Manager".  While it was NOT the longest
running local show in Boston TV history, it still
deserves at least an "honorable mention".  "Ask The
Manager" was the brainchild of William C. Flynn, the
former VP and General Manager of WSBK-TV (then
affectionately known as "TV/38").  It hit the Boston
area first as a once-in-a-while feature on
"Crackerbarrel",  TV/38's live nightly phone-in talk
show with Tom Larson and Mr. Flynn in 1971.  The
response was so great that this once-in-a-while
feature became "Ask The Manager" in late 1971 on
Saturday evenings at 6:00 pm.  For the next 25 years,
"Ask The Manager" remained a staple of WSBK-TV's
lineup at various times.  Only the Three Stooges have
had a longer run on the very same station and after
several ownership changes. I saw the first show with
Mr. Flynn introducing viewers about "Chroma key" in
     Unfortunately, as of late, "Ask The Manager"
became more of an infomercial for UPN's lineup, rather
than a look into the television industry, in general.
It used to be a regular thing to mention about other
Boston stations with call-letters and channels freely
bandied about the place.  When UPN took over, that was
a no-no.  
     With a good amount of WSBK-TV's local origination
becoming more outsourced today, shows like "Ask The
Manager" became history.  Apparently, the station has
become nothing more than a shadow of its' once great
self.  It is shame to see one of Boston's great UHF
stations go by the wayside.  Fortunately, WABU-TV
(Channel 68) is getting stronger as Boston's sole
Independent.  With "Dana Hersey's Film Loft" and
Celtics Basketball,  don't be surprised with WABU
becoming the next Superstation like the old and
lamented TV/38.

- -Peter Q. George
 Viewer Advocate :)     

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