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Re: rumors out of wbz...

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From: Roger Kirk <rkirk@VideoServer.com>
To: 'Boston-Radio-Interest' <boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org>
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Date: Friday, April 16, 1999 5:54 PM
Subject: rumors out of wbz...

>Tony wrote:
>>... regarding the 10-mid slot that will be opening up at wbz due to bruds'
>>role back of time.
>>jack williams appears to be the front runner

Then Roger added:
>Good Choice but sometimes Jack seems (to me)
>to be more neutral on subjects when Brudnoy would
>be outspoken.  Perhaps because of his News
>background where he reports, rather than editorialize.

True, I would think Jack would do well with an early evening show....such as
a "newsmakers" kinda show...or interviewing folks, etc.

Then re Paul Sullivan, Roger added:
>NO-NO-NO(please Lord, NO)

While Paul has a funny voice.  He does seem to know more about the issues
than I would give him credit for.

And Roger added this re Kevin Sowyrda

Doesn't Kevin seem to be a little to full of himself?   A little much for