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Today's LTAR

I was listening to the discussion about comedy today on LTAR, and it 
occurred to me that a lot of the irreverent comedy of the Daily Feed is 
similar to what I used to see on Saturday Night Live.  I haven't watched 
SNL in quite a few years, but they at least used to be pretty fearless in 
their subject matter.  They even did a skit on the cancellation of Star 
Trek which poked fun at NBC.

Also on LTAR, there was some discussion about Channel 38's "Ask the 
Manager."  They mentioned that it was the longest running show on 
local television.  But I wonder.  Didn't "Starring the Editors" on 
Channel 4 last longer?  Donna?

Incidentally, I remember back in the early 80s, or perhaps in the 70s, 
Channel 56 tried a show called "Meet the Manager."  For awhile, the 
two shows were on at the same time.

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