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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 4/9: WBOS Does...Very Little

from NERW 4/9:
"...a week of suspense for listeners of WBOS (92.9 Brookline) ended
Thursday afternoon without much change in the station's AAA-ish AC
But some change in the programming.  Ever since WXRV debuted, the only
time of the week I've spent with WBOS is Sunday mornings for what used
to be called the WBOS New Music File, more recently the New Music Show,
featuring all the currents plus a few bonus tracks from new releases.
Matt Phipps returned to Sunday morning announcing duties today after a
couple weeks' absence but there was no New Music Show, just the regular
stuff ("We're playing Boston's best music for the weekend").  Sounds
like there's no need for me to be visiting 92.9 again anytime soon.