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Board op Holiday

That brings back memories...years ago I got busted when I left the ABC
news pot up during the "Sounds of Sinatra", the VP's favorite show....

Andy Soule
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>Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 15:37:32 -0400
>> Someone must have hit the wrong hole in the patch panel on their
>> out the door.  I have been listening to WZNN (930 Rochester) for
>> several minutes and all I am hearing is an apparent network feed of
>> news clips.  A voice says "153", then we hear 3 beeps, then a few
>> seconds-long news story, Then "154", 3 beeps, another story.
>> 3 beeps, another clip, etc., etc.  Subjects are varied, Clinton,
>> hurricane, etc.
>> Finally, a voice says "This concludes the 3:07 eastern news feed.
>> This is CNN Radio News - Atlanta."
>> Now, silence...
>> Boy, those Capstar guys really have it together, don't they?
>> I assume they are being programmed from the WHEB building in
>> Portsmouth now.  I have noticed that WERZ has been promoting the
>> that their studios are now in Portsmouth.  I guess with 7 stations
>> in one building, nobody wants to monitor the one with the
>> format.
>Roger Kirk