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Re: Brattleboro-Keene Market

Eric Jacobs wrote:

> Doug,I thank you for a good overview of the Brat/Keene market. I have 2
> questions...1, Is there a CP for Jamaica and/or Saxtons river,VT? 2.
> Isn't 106.1 WHDQ licensed to Claremont?


Thanks for the compliment. I hope this answers your questions. If not,
well... you've got my e-mail address. <g>

1. (a) The 104.7 translator for WVAY (W284AB Jamaica) still shows up as a
CP, but has been on the air for at least a year. (b) I know that WLPL
(96.3) was looking for a tower site in the Saxtons River area, although the
station is to be licensed across the river in NH. There is no record of any
application/construction permit/license for Saxtons River that I'm aware of
at this time.

2. WHDQ ("Q-106") is indeed licensed to Claremont, not Lebanon, as my
fingers erroneously typed. 106.1 was one of the first FMs in the Valley (as

Doug Bassett
West Brattleboro, Vt.