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Network News Junkie

As many of you know, I am a news junkie.  Just wondering if anyone knows
any more information about the following.

*Does anyone know *any* station in the area airing the (much-maligned!)
USA Radio Network?  I use to catch it on WVNE....but it doesn't seem to
be there anymore.  

*Just caught WSMN at the top of the hour....and didn't hear "Mutual
News".  Did they end their affiliation?  I know that they are carrying
Bloomberg material....did they do away with MBS?

*Did WCCM do away with ABC in favor of Bloomberg newscasts?

*WMVU seems to be running news from the TalkAmerica network.  Didn't the
TA network use to feed "World-Web News Network" (i.e. UPI)???

Anyone shed some light?