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In a message dated 98-07-18 01:17:58 EDT, mediaace@ici.net writes:

<<  Today a sales rep from WERZ showed up at my place of employment 
 (which is outside of radio) wanting us to join some job fair thing. While
 this person was waiting to speak to someone I asked him "how Capstar
 was treating them." His reply was "Capstar hasn't bought us yet!" I said
 "oh yes they have!" Either this guy didn't want to admit it or Management
 is keeping everyone in the dark. >>

Since the stations haven't moved to Portsmouth yet, it's possible that Capstar
management is not "actively" in control of the signals at this point, which
may be leading to the conclusion that Capstar hasn't yet "taken over"  I was
at WERZ when ARS closed on the stations when they were purchased from
Precision Media, and it took some time before most of the employees realized
that ARS was running things.  I'm sure that once the 4 stations are moved to
Lafayette Road, changes will be made, and quickly.

<<  I told him "ARS has already done most of Capstar's homework for them." >>

As far as ARS already doing the homework, you're half right.  I think the FM's
will retain their respective formats under Capstar.  ERZ bills well as an
adult CHR/Modern AC, and 96.7 has done the best it's has in years with oldies.
The AM's are up for grabs.  I doubt both stations will be standards after the
dust settles.  I think one will go talk, and pick up the AMFM network
programming from Chancellor.  My guess is WZNN will go that route, since they
have the expanded band allocation. WMYF will either remain standards or get
spun off, since they're a daytimer. 

<< He told me that "things were going to be better when they move to

Things may be better for the SALES department when they move to Portsmouth.
You very rarely hear of salespeople getting blown out during a buyout.  Sales
ranks can easily be thinned out, since they usually are a revolving door
anyway.  So from this guy's perspective, he may believe things will be better,
and he may be right.  As for programming, watch out. 

<< I said both your AM's are automated, WQSO Oldies 96.7 is automated, guess
what station is going to be automated next! >>

WERZ, definitely.  I know a guy that works for Audio Prophet, the company
putting in the automation equipment at Lafayette Road, and he told me ALL the
signals, including ERZ will be getting the technology.  Sure, it may start out
as "just overnights", then "just weekends"--but eventually it will spread to
nights, middays, even afternoon drive.  I think mornings may remain live, but
the rest is way up in the air.  Capstar is phasing automation in at WSRS here
in Worcester, and they're number one (12+) in the market.  If anyone thinks it
won't happen at ERZ, they are a fool.        

To my former collegues in Exeter and Rochester, and some of them do lurk on
this list, all I can say is get your packages together--fast!  There have been
major bloodbaths in Manchester (Black Monday at GIR), Worcester, Providence
and Hartford following Capstar takeovers.  Blood was shed at HEB and the Heat.
It WILL happen here.  I'd hate to see anyone out of work, and right now even
parttime gigs are hard to come by.  Sorry for the length of this post, but I
had to chime in on this subject.

Mike Thomas, WXLO (and WERZ refugee) & Premiere Radio Networks