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In a way it's almost sad how "in the dark" the people at WERZ are...

As a former employee at ''ERZ, I have opportunity to speak with some of the
current staff on a "semi-regular" basis. 
They ALL are under the impression that, "They'll all have jobs after the move
to Portsmouth and Capstar would NEVER think of blowing them out to automate
with Prophit/StarSystem... because WERZ is a heritage CHR".

After I stopped my laughing and was able to catch my breath, I advised the
person to which I was laughing at to finish that aircheck in a hurry.

It's sad that Capstar is killing local radio in favor of the bottom line...
but it's even sadder to me that some people just can't see it.

Missing New England...
Rob Walker
APD Creative Service Director
eXtreme Radio/St Louis MO