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H Glazer wrote:

> Living in Connecticut, but not close enough to NY to pick up 'CBS-FM,
> I'm curious: Is the station great because of its jocks, its approach, or
> its music? Do they play the same tried-and-true oldies as 'ODS in a
> stronger-personality format or are they a different animal musically?

Speculation:  A combination of things.  First, 'CBS-FM has a much broadend
(sp) playlist, from Elvis to Hall & Oates.  Musically, it appears that they
allow a newer song on the air based more on it's sound than it's chart
position (although a good sounding song wouldn't make it to 'CBS-FM if it
weren't a bona fide top 40 hit at all///)  Second, 'CBS-FM has somehow
managed to assemble a staggaring array of legendary DJs from the NY area,
and primarilly from the old 77 Musicradio WABC.