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> Date: Tuesday, June 09, 1998 5:53 PM
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> Subject: Happy Birthday!
> Today (June 9th) is WBZ-TV (channel 4's) 50th birthday.
> The Boston Herald's article on the anniversary made one big gaffe. It
>  Robin Young briefly anchored the news on channel 4. 
> No!
> Ms. Young briefly anchored at channel 7 in 1982-83. Her connection with
>  channel 4 was as the original co-hostess (1977-80) or "Evening
 That is correct.She went on to Ch 7 from there for her ill fated paring
with Tom Ellis.
> Postscript: Although channel 7 will celebrate it's 50th on June 21st, I
>  doubt you'll see any mention of it on their "air". Would YOU want to
>  recount numerous RKO General-era "highlights" such as "Candlepins For
>  Cash", a live report on Blue Hill exploding like a volcano, or Jay
>  Scott at the anchor desk?
How many remember Jack Cole's Boston TV career ending comment on the 6PM CH
7 news one night,coming out of a story on the work of a chimney sweep,he
went into the break with the fateful words"We'll be back with more alleged
news after this!!" He was gone by 11,if memory serves me correctly.        
                                                    Mark Watson