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Re: WMTW-TV Moving tower

On  8 Jun 98 at 14:45, Garrett Wollman wrote:

> In channel 8's case, it may simply be that they don't have enough
> space (or power?) to run digital TV from the Mount Washington
> facility.

   Hi Garrett,
   I definitely agree! Back in Augest 1994 while I was working for    
the old WZPK (103/7 Peak-FM). I got an invitation to go see
the transmitter facilities for all the stations. I couldn't help but 
notice how cramed each of the buildings were. Each of the stations 
occupy a main and back-up transmitter. The channel 8 transmitters 
were like two large grey RCA pizza ovens, with the assorted audio 
racks. Just across the room are the WHOM transmitters and audio 
processing, the remote gear to control the transmitters for WPKQ. 
Which operate in a seprate building.                                  
   Adding the sleeping quarters, kitchen and any other offices, you 
got a crowded building!                                        
   Another building houses the government, police, cellular, pager 
and cable repeater equipment. Then having the weather observatory, 
gift shop with a train stop and three towers around 150 feet each.    
Plus a bunch of small ones. It gets pretty crowed! Oh don't forget 
about the genarators and gas tanks that get filled once a month!.     
   Marty Einstrom (SP?) Took me and a friend of mine (who thank god 
owns a good 4x4 truck) on this tour! This man is a walking 
imformation machine! We also had the opportunity to meet Marty's good 
friend "Ernie Borgnine"! 
   Garrett, if you get the opportunity, visit this crowded communi-
cation center! It not only offers a good view, but it's got one of 
the most brilliant engineers.

                    Take Care,

                  Roy Lawrence