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Re: WMTW-TV, Channel 8

>On Mon, 8 Jun 1998 21:54:28 -0400 (EDT) beckwith@ime.net writes:
>But it would also drastically cut income for the operators of the Mt.
>Washington Observatory.  Don't forget that there's a full-time staff
>up there, part of whose job is to maintain the transmitters on the
>mountain.  Without their cash cow--WMTW--as a tenant, they would have
>to recover their fixed costs elsewhere--if they could.
Chris...I think you have this backwards.  My understanding is WMTW owns
and operates the transmitters.  The Observatory staff has nothing to do
with maintaining the broadcast transmitters of any of the government or
commercial broadcasters.  I believe the Obs, WHOM, WPKQ and the private
operators, as well as the state and federal agencies buy their
electricity from WMTW which always keeps two people on duty.  They work a
week on/week off or something.  

As for ownership, I believe the mountain itself is part of the White
Mountain National Forest, thus owned by Uncle Sam.  The Obs is housed in
the Sherman Adams Building, which is run as a NH State Park.  WMTW may
own its building or rent it from the feds.  I don't know that any of the
Rockpile's tenants constitute cash cows, but Channel 8 is the one selling
the juice.

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