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MikeHemeon@aol.com said:
> In a message dated 6/7/98 3:58:59 PM Central Daylight Time, FMradio1@aol.com
> writes:
> << As far as a "Retro 60's format" on 680, there's no way that will happen.
> Does
>  Boston really need ANOTHER oldies station?  Besides Boston ALREADY has a
>  "Retro 60's" station.  It's on 103.3FM.  Check it out sometime.  :) >>
> Maybe something along the lines of what WABC did a couple of weeks ago. Lots
> of people were tuned to it a couple of Sundays ago.
> Mike
Uhhh...yeah....they played the same five records how many times
during the course of the day? :) Do we really need another 
tower of musical babble anywhere? :)

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