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Re: WMTW-TV Moving tower

<< On  8 Jun 98 at 8:51, Dib9@aol.com wrote:
 > WMTW-TV wants to build a new tower in Baldwin, Maine for HDTV.  They
 > will be moving off Mt. Washington.  New towers always cause
 > controversy.  Check out the story at
 > http://www.portland.com/news/story4.htm
In a message dated 98-06-08 11:31:42 EDT, Roy writes:

    Hi Dan,
    Any word on how this tx move might affect WHOM and WPKQ? After all
 being "High On Mountain" and "The Peak" may not have much 
 significance! Not to mention stick value!
    BTW have you noticed channel 8 is running a stereo piolet. I 
 wonder if that's a sign of them finally reaching the 20th century!
                             Take Care,
                           Roy Lawrence>>

The story only mentions WMTW-TV so I assume that WHOM and WPKQ will stay on
the top of Mt. Washington.  I do not see any scenario under which they would
move voluntarily because a move would greatly decrease their coverage area and
the value of the stations.  The WMTW move is for HDTV.  I am not sure why they
can not install the HDTV equipment at their current location.  Does anyone
with more technical knowledge know why they would need to move?  I seem to
remember reading somewhere that HDTV does not have as a great of a range as
standard TV and they might need a location closer to Portland and
Lewiston/Auburn to get good coverage in their key markets.  Is this the case?

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine