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In a message dated 98-06-08 01:43:30 EDT, hmglaz@webtv.net writes:

<< Living in Connecticut, but not close enough to NY to pick up 'CBS-FM,
 I'm curious: Is the station great because of its jocks, its approach, or
 its music? Do they play the same tried-and-true oldies as 'ODS in a
 stronger-personality format or are they a different animal musically?>>

CBS-FM blows away WODS for three basic reasons..

#1 Heritage:  CBS-FM has been playing the oldies for over 25 years, they are a
virtual institution in New York.  How long has WODS been at it?  10-12 years?

#2 Personalities:  They are much more personality driven than WODS.  Virtually
everyone on the airstaff are New York radio veterans, including the likes of
Dan Ingram and Cousin Brucie, which IMHO are among the best to ever put on a
set of headphones.  Who does WODS have....who?.....anyone?.....

#3 Music:  CBS-FM is much more broad than WODS, at least in the span of time
from which they pull the titles from.  ODS is still stuck in that 1964-1971
mentality.  CBS-FM will play titles from the 50's right up to the early 80's,
even though they are still primarily a 60's-70's station.  CBS-FM is preparing
themselves for the next wave of "oldies" listeners, and they will most likely
remain viable in the 25-54 money demo for years to come.  WODS is beginning to
show a few too many grey hairs and if they don't do something soon, I'm afraid
they'll be the first MOYL station of the new millenium.

Mike Thomas, WXLO & Premiere Radio Networks