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Re: Conalrad (was Re: Oldest Non-Comm in Boston)

On Mon, 8 Jun 1998, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> In New York's Capital district, where I was in the early to mid 50s (the
> heyday of Conelrad), only one station that I visited had a special TX just
> for Conelrad. That was WTRY. Even WGY, which had a truly ancient TX, did not
> have a special Conelrad TX, although perhaps they kept the auxilliary ready
> to go on 640. WTRY had a main 5 kw, an auxiliary 1 kW (the old main), and a
> Conelrad TX which was apparently built by the engimneering staff. The
> Conelrad TX was good for maybe 800W. or so I was told. Neither WROW, WXKW,
> nor WPTR had an auxiliary. I think WOKO and WABY had auxiliaries (also the
> former main TXs) but the engineers on duty didn't mention that the
> auxiliaries were set up for the Conelrad frequency, which for WOKO and WABY
> would have been 1240.

Did they assign them so that stations nearer to 640 went to 640 and
stations nearer to 1240 went to 1240?

I suppose that stations that regularly operated on 650 or 1240 had it

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