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Re: Howie Carr

Bob Nelson wrote:

> Yeah,lowest common
> denominator rules.Let's try this:we'll have one host
> talk about international affairs and the economy,and
> the other talk about what they like on cable TV,and
> what "supermarket gripes" they have.Which will get
> more listeners or more advertising dollars?

????? What kind of jibberish is this?  The folks we're referring to
(Jerry Williams, etc.) aren't "water cooler" topic hosts.  When they
were on prime time, they were talking about the most serious "meat &
potatoes issues.  Does anyone on this list remember when Jerry Williams
started a drive on his afternoon show back in the late 80s to get the
seat belt law repealed?  ONE RADIO STATION, not a network, did this with
one host beating up one issue.  If I recall correctly, the set belt law
was repealled due to this attention.  No, sorry sir, the hosts of old on
WRKO before this shock talk radio format took over NEVER did
"supermarket gripes".  Boston, more than any other city is a town
seething in politics. It was due, I feel, primarilly to Gene Burns &
Jerry Williams that the real truth about Mike Dukakis bankrupting this
state and abandoning it during his 1988 bid for President got out and
Bill Weld was elected in 1990.   These issues are NOT covered like that
now on any station in Boston, especially WRKO.  Seems to me that the
host who covers issues the most thoroughly  works at the supposed
"everyday" station.  And he's a liberal.

If CBS keeps 680 and insists on insult radio it really would be a
shame.  They better get used to dwindling numbers.  Perhaps WRKO would
have more success with a "rewind" 60s music format.  Would be more
interesting than Howie, Not-A-Dr. Laura and Two mouths flapping.  I'd
actually listen to a good top 40 with oldies format on AM.  (Course,
since they insist on second rate talk hosts, they'd probably use high
school kids for dj's - or worse yet - a computer or satellite!)

BTW, I'm 34.  Not exactly in the "ancient" demographic which some have
said issues talk belongs with.

Steve Sawyer.

P.S.     Since I'm in New York on a regular basis, I get to listen
frequently to my favorites.  Talker 77 WABC is definitely an issues
based station, has the highest numbers in NYC and sounds fantastic.
101.1 WCBS-FM is the best all-around sounding station of ANY music
format in NY, and absolutely burys Boston's WODS.  Listen for the
Legends of Rock n Roll Radio coming up next weekend 6/13-14.  Will be
better than the airchecks of those jox on WABeatleC done over Memorial
Day. (I heard the coolest sounding promo for this on Friday, Harry
Harrison & Dan Ingram airchecks with the "chimetime" given, only the
WABC calls masterfully edited out of this promo on 'CBS-FM.)  Y'all have
to hear this to believe it.