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Re: Same calls since day 1

At 09:14 AM 6/5/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I guess WCAP Lowell would qualify - same calls since sign on in 1951.
The way I originally stated the question, yes! The problem with the way I
posed the question, however, turns out to be that I did not define "day 1".
Here are examples of the problems brought about by my lack of specificity:
Several people have brought up FM stations that were not the first in their
communities to occupy the frequency. A good example is WBCN. Apparently,
WBMS-FM was the first occupant of 104.1 in Boston. The original owners of
WBCN did not acquire the license from the owners of WBMS-FM. The owners of
WBMS-FM turned in the license or let it lapse. I don't know whether WBCN
became the occupant of 104.1 as a result of a comparative hearing or whether
the Concert Network was the only applicant for the frequency. In any event,
104.1 was most likely dark in Boston for quite a while before WBCN took to
the air. Joe Ross maintains that since there is no connection between WBCN
and WBMS-FM, and the frequency went unused between occupants, WBCN qualifies
as having had the same calls since day 1. I'm inclined to agree, but I can
also see the argument that when WBCN signed on, the calls at 104.1 changed.

I suppose that if you take that argument far enough, WSRO is really the
successor to the old WMEX. Pre NARBA, WMEX was on 1470. All stations on that
frequency moved to 1510 on 3/31/41. It seems ridiculous to say that WSRO is
the successor to WMEX because WNRB is obviously the successor. Moreover,
when WSRO signed on on 1470 (around 1960, give or take), WMEX was still very
much alive and well on 1510. It was the heyday of the Richmond Bros
ownership. In addition, because of WSRO's directional pattern (WSRO had to
protect what was then a co-channel station, WNBP), you could not hear WSRO
in Boston (or even very far east of Marlboro along Route 20). Still, since
we seem to be arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin,
I guess any weird argument is allowed.

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