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Re: BOS,XRV,etc.

For what its worth both my mom and girlf listen to "The River" all the time,
which is surprising since their taste in music is so different. I think it is
okay station but I prefer to listen to talk, of course, you all know that by
When I do listen to music it is usually WMFO (when it comes in), WFNX (when
they aren't playing crap), WZBC (mostly NCP space-out stuff) and WMBR (for
Pacifica News and other weirdness) in that order. Sometimes I do scan stuff. I
had been listening to the local music DJ that has been on nights at WJIB (very
good btw), although not lately. And sometimes I will listen to WBCN, although
not often at all. 
My boss used to keep WBOS on all the time but the same songs by the same
artist used to drive me insane. If you are going to play AAA, loosen it up a
bit. It won't hurt you and you surely won't lose an audience. 

Just my 2 cents as someone else always says. 


In a message dated 6/5/98 9:38:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
spindoc@channel1.com writes:

<< I think WXRV has got the best programming in the metro Boston area.  I keep
 my #1 car radio button set to 92.5, and have had it there since they became
 "The River."  They prove everyday that (gulp) Classic Rock can co-exist
 with Adult Album Alternative (whatever they call it these days).  I also
 like the fact that they're not afraid to sprinkle in acoustic and blues, as
 well.  Maybe that's the problem with Boston radio:  They're too afraid to
 mix it up the way The River does.  Maybe they (Boston Radio) feel that
 they've got too much to lose. >>