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Re: OTB radio


Oops. :)

There *is* an antenna atop the OTB building, though (you can see it on
I-890). Must be used for other purposes.

Now... you had to mention Whitehall, PA! Scene of a *bad* moment for me,
many years ago, right by the mall. The state highway that passes the
mall has a center divider and traffic lights. At an intersection with a
Dunkin Donuts on the left, there was a sign saying No U Turn. I made a
left turn into the Dunkin Donuts, and a police officer in the lot having
his munchies gave me a ticket. When I asked why, because the left turn
was legal, he said that I was going to make a U-turn but he was *sure* I
had suddenly changed it into a left turn when I saw him! (The officer
thus thought he was the Amazing Kreskin -- plus he was wrong in his mind
reading, since I was desperate for a light, no sugar.)

And no, I didn't go back to fight the ticket. Too long a drive. :(

Scott D Fybush wrote:

> A minor correction to Doug...
> The 1240 transmitter is actually right along the entrance road
> to the Rotterdam Square Mall off Campbell Road.
> I'd say it's the closest transmitter to a shopping mall anywhere
> in the country...if I didn't know that 1470 in Allentown PA has
> its towers right in the parking lot of a mall along PA 145 in
> Whitehall -- and that WSB Atlanta and one of the Los Angeles
> powerhouses (I want to say KFI) actually have towers *surrounded*
> by shopping malls.  Yikes!
> -s

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