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Re: Same calls since day 1

On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, Kevin Vahey wrote:

> WBOS-FM may be the longest in Boston on the FM side ... (doing this off
> the top of my head) and WCRB and WBCN as well..

WBCN and WCRB are both longer than WBOS.  I think WCRB may be the
longest-running callsign in Boston among commercial FM stations.  Provided
you don't count the change from WCRB-FM to WCRB.  Among the nonprofits,
I'm not sure which is older, WERS, WBUR, or WGBH, but one of them gets the
longevity prize. Again, provided you don't count WBUR changing to WBUR-FM

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