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>From: notquite@hotmail.com

>Now with George Taylor Morris as the new PD at WBOS, I'm wondering if we
> might see the following:

>(1) CBS decides to keep WNFT-1150, sells off 850 (but not the WEEI calls
> or format), and flips both 1150 and 100.7 FM to all-sports as WEEI-AM/FM.

First, WNFT is sitting pretty in a trust managed by former Shamrock Bdcstng
boss Bill Clark who's enjoying his retirement in San Jose. Clark ran Shamrock
for years until Disney sold it to Chancellor in late '95. (Then Disney bought
ABC and Mickey Mouse company was back in the radio business).
Clark already did some trust management work for CBS/Westinghouse back in 1996
when he administred a trust for 3 Dallas/Ft. Worth stations which
CBS/Westinghouse had divest at the time.  A trust basically keeps a company
like CBS far from any ownership or management influence over the station
Tustees like Clark usually get paid a one-time fee around $25,000 plus expenses
associated with being a trustee. The point is : dont hold your hopes up
as far as WNFT becoming a CBS-owned station in Boston in any immediate future.

Second, forget about CBS moving sports to FM. Not gonna happen. It would simply
violate conditions and antitrust agreements they worked out with DoJ and FCC.

In any case, I saw in one of ARS/CBS press releases stating that the
merger is expected to close late this week(Friday?) which means we might
see a deal or two for ARS spinoffs happen very shortly... 
Also, Eddie Andleman, while plugging his hot dog promotional
benefit on Mix and Eagle this morning, quickly mentioned that 'the company
is being sold tomorrow(Friday)'......Stay tuned....

>(2) With 100.7 flipped FROM classic AOR, WBOS is flipped TO classic AOR,m
> perhaps with Morris as a key personality.

Doubt that 'BOS will go for any kind of classic rock sound. The format is
going thru some changes in many big markets like NYC where both 'NEW and
Q104 are adding more today's music and dropping some of yesterday's...It
wouldnt be a bad time for 'ZLX to start updating itself...

As far as WBOS goes, they are now in good hands with Morris. They could stand
to have a bit more on-air personality.  The last PD...<no comment>.:) :)

- -M