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"Seizing the Airwaves"

I thought members of this group would find the following post of interest.
It appeared today on rec.radio.noncomm (a usenet newsgroup).

(I'm not promoting this--I have no personal interest in this stuff, at
all--but, I thought it might relate to the "pirate" discussions that
frequently appear.)

Steve Low

- ---------------------------------

Free Radio Berkeley is sponsoring a Micropower Broadcasting & Free Radio
Technical Faire and Gathering on Saturday, June 13th and Sunday, June 14th
in San Francisco.  Location is Cell Space, 2050 Bryant St (between 18th &
19th).  It runs from 9 am to 6 pm each day.  A sliding scale donation of
$5-$20 is requested.  Our schedule is as follows:

Saturday, June 13th

9 am - 10 am - Opening registration
10am - 12 noon - Workshop Sessions
1.) What comprises a micropower station and how it is put
2.) Digital editing and production of program material

12 noon - 1 pm - Lunch

1 pm - 3 pm -Workshop sessions
1.) How to build an FM broadcast transmitter
2.) Proper care, use and handling of studio equipment
3.) Interviewing techniques

3 pm - 5 pm - Workshop sessions
1.) Legal aspects of micropower broadcasting
2.) Using field recording equipment
3.) Micropower broadcasting and the Internet

5 pm - 6 pm - Report from the National Lawyers Guild Committee on
      Democratic Communications on current micropower
      broadcasting petitions before the FCC

Saturday evening - Benefit & party - proceeds to Radio X.  Time and place


Sunday, June 14th

10 am  - 12 noon - Workshop sessions
1.) Schmoozing record companies for free material
2.) Mobile broadcasting
3.) Antennas for micropower broadcasting

12 noon - 1 pm - Lunch

1 pm - 3 pm - Workshop sessions
1.) Repair and testing techniques for transmitters &
    studio equipment
2.) Digital editing and production of progam material
3.) How to build an FM broadcast amplifier

3 pm - 6 pm - Liberating the Airwaves - Planning and strategies for the
      further growth and proliferation of micropower broadcasting

Wokshops will be taught by staff members of Free Radio Berekeley, Radio
Clandestina and TUC productions.

For the duration of the gathering a transmitter checkup and tuning bench
will be available for testing and repair.

Bring your program materials to share.  A high speed tape duplicator will
be set up for this purpose.  Make sure the tape is ferrous oxide, not
chrome.  The high speed duplicator does not work with chrome, it eats the
heads due to the speed.

For further information contact Stephen Dunifer - frbspd@crl.com,
(510) 464-3041

See our web site - www.freeradio.org - for further information about
liberating the airwaves.  Free Radio Berkeley real audio feed - 24 hours
a day available as well.