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Re: infomercials on WKXL?

Eric Jacobs wrote:

> Has anyone heard the "Wade Cook" show on WKXL,1450/102.3 Concord,NH? Mr.
> Cook seems to be pitching books and tapes of investment "advice". I've
> heard it 3-4 different times,as well as a promo sked for it. This
> appears to be brokered time,and if it is..isn't there a disclosure law
> that says commercial time must be identified as such when it's not
> obvious? WBZ and WCBS air such disclaimers before some spots,and WCCM
> aired them in English and Spanish before a Spanish religious show
> latenights.Just wondering...

The station I work for, WKVT (AM 1490), airs these 25 minute Wade Cook
programs from time to time. I'm the guy who goes in and takes the station
off automation to play the tapes. The station does get paid (and quite well,
I understand) for running these programs. However, I always thought it a bit
misleading (and downright odd?) when each program begins: "Welcome to 'Focus
on Wealth'. With us today is best-selling author Wade Cook..." EVERY SHOW
starts this way (well, they did when we were running them earlier this
spring). We just started running them again, and they seem to be new
(different) recordings. FYI, when Uncle Wade (Wade loves stock splits!) is
on our schedule, he runs from 5:33 to 5:58 PM, unless there is a conflict
with the Red Sox. Personally I've made a fair amount of money off the stock
market without the "benefit" of Uncle Wade's advice (considering the mere
pittance I began with).

Doug Bassett
Full Service Part Timer
West Brattleboro, Vt.
(Mr. Cook is NOT really my uncle, BTW!)