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LOVE Radio Silenced

Lightning and tornados Sunday evening indefinitely silenced Brian
Dodge's LOVE Radio, according to an article in this morning's
Brattleboro Reformer. Dodge was quoted in the article, "Sometime Sunday
night we got hit by a tornado in Keene, and lightning hit us at least
four times in Wilmington." LOVE Radio rebroadcasted the programming of
WJIV in Cherry Valley, NY on translators in Wilmington (99.7),
Brattleboro (105.5), Greenfield, Mass. (105.5), Keene (95.9), and
Peterborough (94.3).  If anyone is interested in the complete article,
email me privately and I'll be happy to pass it along.

The LOVE Radio stations weren't the only ones affected by the violent
weather in the area Sunday. Winchester's WXOD (98.7) was reportedly off
the air until yesterday morning, and WKVT (AM/FM) was off the air
briefly a couple of times Sunday evening as power to the station was
interrupted.  All is pretty much back to normal now (with the exception
of the silence at 105.5), as we prepare for the possibility of more
severe weather in the region this evening.

Doug Bassett
West Brattleboro, Vt.