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WSMN Nashua - No more Bargain Box ??


As of June , WSMN 1590 has changed. They now do Bloomberg(sp?) news, have
syndicated shows in the evening, including the Financial Hour from Business
News Network. I've heard references to USA Radio News, Radio America, and
Talk America.
All the call in phone numbers have changed, and now includes an 800 number.
This morning included a local talk show with a man and a woman talking
local issues. I believe the gentleman was also the program director. I
really don't remember his name, something like Todd Farnsworth???

The station constantly ID's itself as 1590 AM WSMN Salem, Manchester,
Nashua, except twice an hour as Nashua only.

This morning the production seemed crisp, with Bloomberg, local weather,
syndicated traffic all starting on queue. However, last evening was a real
mess, with dead air, beeps, tones and the network add talking over the
local ads.
There was even a point last evening where WSMN was playing news from SRN
which is cross towns WMVU source. For a good 30 seconds, both stations were
playing the exact same newscast, until the board op at WSMN apparently
realized the mistake.

Local news at six was gone, Bargain Box afterwards was gone. Full Service
radio apparently gone....