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Re: Same calls since day 1

In a message dated 98-06-01 10:41:40 EDT, brouder@juno.com writes:

 After that, the next longest NH calls are from the forties (WKNE Keene,
 WKXL Concord, WKBR Manchester).
A little WKBR history folks (I KNOW that Ed Brouder knows this already).......
WKBR, as a CP was "WCNH" licensed to Concord, but after pre-air changes, it
ended up in Manchester with new calls.  Signed on in 1946 as WKBR, on 1240 on
the dial.   In 1959, it went to 1250 and increased power to 5 kw from the then
new expensive Goffstown site.  About 10 years later, the day pattern was
changed, but power remained the same.

- ---jibguy (former kbrguy)