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RE: Same calls since day 1

At 12:46 AM 6/2/98 -0400, you wrote:
>> But both WBOS and WBCN were NOT the orignal calls at their frequencies.
>> I believe WBMS was at 104.1 originally, and WBZ-FM had 92.9 at first.
>> So, if Frequecny is the determining factor, neither WBCN nor WBOS or WBOS-FM
>> would qualify.
>The question that was asked was what STATIONS have had the same calls
>since day 1.  The fact that there were previous stations on those
>frequencies doesn't fulfill the conditions of the question.  WBOS-FM and
>WBCN were the original calls of those stations.
I think this post takes the thread into uncharted territory. Although WBOS
was definitely not a continuation of the WBZ-FM that at one time existed on
92.9, we might have to rule out WBOS, because there had been a previous
occupant of the channel in the Boston market. If we include WBOS, don't we
have to include WEEI? Those calls have existed in the market continuously
since Boston Edison first used them. But the current WEEI is actually the
old WHDH, and I maintain that it therefore doesn't qualify.

And what WAS on 104.1 before WBCN? WTMH? (After I wrote this, I found the
post that mentioned WBMS-FM.) In fact, what about WTMH (T Mitchell
Hastings)? Even if 104.1 had previously been occupied by WBMS-FM, didn't
WBCN sign on as WTMH and then change its calls to WBCN when the Concert
Network's two other stations, WNCN New York and WHCN Hartford took to the
air? If I'm wrong about that (as I well could be), then what station began
life as WTMH? I'm almost positive that there was once a WTMH in Boston, and
that the calls stood for T Mitchell Hastings.  

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