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Re: Same calls since day 1

At 12:41 AM 6/2/98 -0400, you wrote:
>On Mon, 1 Jun 1998, Donna Halper wrote:
>> But technically, the WBCN calls don't count-- they were in Boston, but not
>> as original call letters-- they have long since been re-cycled.   The first
>> station to have the WBCN calls was in Chicago-- they were requested calls,
>> in the mid 1920s.  They stood for "World's Best Community Newspaper".  
>The question that was originally asked was what stations in the Boston
>area still have their original calls.  By that formulation, WBCN counts.
>The station went on the air in 1958 with those calls. 
Indeed. Donna just seems to want to change the rules. And those who have
posted about all of those stations outside of greater Boston that have had
the same calls since day 1 are not observing the rules either. This thread
is about stations in the Boston market. I guess we now have to include
Worcester, because Arbitron has moved it into the Boston market. (I did not
include Worcester, which brings us WTAG, WNEB, WORC, WCRN, and WVNE on the
AM side, and WICN on FM.) But Manchester NH and Fall River MA are not in the
Boston market as far as I know. Nor are San Antonio TX (WOAI), Cincinnati OH
(WLW), or San Francisco CA (KGO), to name a few others I picked at random.

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