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Re: how radio has changed

That is why all those community and college stations are so important because
they often do programming that the commercial stations don't. I know that all
the major college stations (WMBR, WMFO, WERS, WZBC, etc.) all have blues,
classical and jazz shows at some time during their programming.  

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<< Tonight, on WRKO, they were doing an interview with the legendary blues-man
 Buddy Guy, who has influenced numerous rock stars in addition to having an
 illustrious career of his own.  So I called in to talk to him and pay my
 respects.  Out of our brief conversation, one particular irony came to
 mind-- he commented that in the 'old days', he could just walk into any
 station and play his new song for a d.j., or offer to do a live performance,
 and then they would usually decide to play his records.  But now, every
 station has a playlist, a format, a target demo, research that says you
 can't play blues, etc etc. Now, the only way he can get on a major radio
 station is to be a guest on a talk show and talk ABOUT blues...