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Re: Is CHR Sexist (was: Formats)

In a message dated 98-05-20 01:38:59 EDT, dlh@donnahalper.com writes:

<< some of the CHR stations do some things that are
 incredibly sexist, such as promotions that revolve around wet t-shirts or
 getting girls to say embarrassing things over the air.  As radio, especially
 morning shows, has gotten cruder, some of the personalities have taken on
 what seems to me a very anti-female attitude.  >>

I think this kind of blatant sexism as far as CHR radio goes is a thing of the
past.  If you listen to most CHR shows, particularly morning shows, the
personalities are speaking TO the female target listener, not trying to
"shock" the audience.  Shock jock morning shows and their crude content
nowadays are relegated to rock and talk audiences, which both target males.  

The CHR format has gotten a bad rap over the years---too sexist, too teeny-
weenie, to musically fickle, and I think it's about time for these archaic
stereotypes to be put to rest once and for all.  CHR is a young format,
targeting 18-34 female.  If done correctly, CHR can also attract 12-17 and
make a decent showing in the 25 to 54 demo.  This may explain why well
programmed CHR's do so well in the 12+ ratings.  

CHR, unlike what has been suggested on this list, is not dying.  In fact, over
the last couple of years, CHR has been growing.  Markets who haven't had a CHR
station in years are now getting one, and they are succeeding.  Southern New
England has always embraced CHR and it usually does well.  Kiss108, PRO-FM,
WKSS-Hartford, and WKCI-New Haven are considered to be some of the best CHR's
in the country. Mainstream CHR is rebounding in other major markets as well,
with success stories from New York, LA, D.C., Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, St.
Louis and San Francisco.

The radio and recording industries have been dominated by men over the years,
and many of the misconceptions of female-friendly formats have probably grown
from the fact that many of these people do not listen to or understand them.
People have been calling the CHR format dead for almost 30 years, but it seems
to stick around and it continues to do well.  

Mike Thomas, WXLO & Premiere Radio Networks