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Re: Sinatra tributes

>Dan Strassberg wrote:
>OTOH, why didn't AM Only do something for all of the stations that take the
>feed? Marty Waters suggests that they did, but the few times I tuned in to
>WXKS, I heard nothing out of the ordinary. Is this part of "we know our
>listeners are all dying, so we don't remind anyone of their mortality--least
>of all the advertisers who might be listening?" If so, I say shame on
>Westwood I.

        The three bird feeds of MOYL/nostalgia type music that are
available in Conn. all were doing all-Sinatra during the day on Friday and
into Saturday, at least. I think they stayed with it all weekend. I just
don't know which is which or what the correct names are. The services I
heard are: the one used by WAVZ/New Haven; the one used by WQUN/Hamden; and
the one used by WDRC (AM) and repeated on WWCO and WSNG.