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Re: Seinfeld

>- NBC, in case you can't tell, operates a Mega-Promo
>Machine. Having personally toiled inside the belly of
>this huge beast, I can attest that it is very effective,
>and works very hard to get results. It can also be the
>most obnoxious, blaring loudmouth on the airwaves. But
>it certainly did its job, elevating the final episode of
>fourth most-watched TV series finale of all time. <snip>

If NBC had not mega-promoted the final episode no doubt fewer would have
watched.  I believe the episode would have been better received without the
lead-in fanfare that started weeks ago.  I think NBC blew it.  Their hottest
show is GONE!  All of their current shows have FINALES!  Message?  Turn off
your TV?  Surf the cable dial?  Pray that Frasier doesn't trash the Thursday
slot?  I fail to see any upsides to the strategy (aside from the minor
detail of $1.7M per spot quick hits).  Never before have all of the networks
done such a job of reminding viewers that there will be no new episodes (or
reasons to watch) until a month into fall semester!  This is the telling
message of the May sweeps.

Bill O'Neill