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Re: Frank Sinatra dead at 82

I've been standing idly by and watching the discussion on Sinatra, and
here's my $.02:

I am a fan of some of Sinatra's work, specifically 1940-1955.  After that
time, his voice and breath control were reduced by age.  But during his
early years, his voice was quite unique.

In regard to some of the comments made here by Dan, Doug, Joe, Garrett,
and many others, I believe Doug summed it up best when he stated:
>Sinatra was a great rarity in that he had a tremendous impact on 
popular >culture *and* had talent and skill in spades to back it up. That
group, IMO, 
>is very select: Sinatra, the Beatles, and Elvis Presley, period. I don't
>any reason to debate which is better or best, for I think that falls
largely to 
>taste when you're in this stratosphere.

Steve Low's comments were indeed surprising.

As far as WQEW goes, they have been New York's home for Sinatra for many
years.  Sinatra, from Hoboken NJ, was considered a home town boy, so it's
not surprising that they have dedicated so much time to his memory.

Finally, I'm very impressed that WTIC-FM broke format to play a Sinatra
song on Friday.  Radio programmers really take themselves awfully
seriously these days... they tend to think that even plying one record
out of format will put the entire ratings into the toilet.  I think it
was rather classy that they did it, and shows me as a listener, that they
don't take themselves so seriously.  I'm kind of surprised that KISS-108
didn't play a Sinatra... they are a station that has (or perhaps had)
that kind of class, too.

Rick Kelly

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