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Re: Seinfeld

In a message dated 98-05-15 13:31:06 EDT, Terry Wood writes:

<<  NEWS and any SitCom should not be intermixed, that is called promos,
  and if they want to promote don't make it part of the NEWS, put it in one of
  the commercial spots.  News is what we turn in for not
  programming promos.  >>

So does that mean that TV news crews should not cover the Super Bowl or the
World Series?  These events are televised, and people plan parties or go out
to the bars to watch these games, similar to what people did with Seinfeld.
Whether you like it or not, Seinfeld signing off was an EVENT, --and the media
covered it as such.
Many viewers took part in this event, which makes it news.

Mike Thomas, WERZ & Premiere Radio Networks