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Re: More Media overkill

Boy, me the one who complains about the tabloid media defending the Sinatra
coverage. Man, how things change. But seriously, I agree that the Seinfeld
nonsense went on WAY TOO long and the coverage for Elvis did go on for days
because it was such a public display and quite lavish; the wake, the funeral,
the crying fans... but I think that with Sinatra it is a bit more serious.
This guy was a legend. Period. 

As far as the other issues, I agree, there are more relevant foreign policy
issues going on in the world, but ya know, those problems will still be here
tomorrow, whereas Sinatra, will not. 

In a message dated 5/15/98 11:30:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
dlh@donnahalper.com writes:

<< First we have endless rumination about Seinfeld, then we have endless
 rumination about Sinatra.  Let's see-- the publisher of the Taunton Gazette
 commits suicide as a result of his HMO refusing to pay for therapy for
 depression, India is testing more nuclear weapons, Indonesia (where most of
 Nike's and Mattel's products are made) is having massive riots... nah, there
 was no news today, so we had to cover Sinatra.  
 Again, it's not that I have no respect for Frank (a great singer, a not very
 nice person with regard to his treatment of women), and it's not that I
 don't recognise the sociological importance of a phenomenon like Seinfeld,
 but no kidding, the print media are covering the NEWS lately, while TV
 covers popular culture... how bizarre...   >>