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Re: Glitches, Brainlessness, and Sycophancy Too

Dib9 wrote:

> Doesn't it also justify the low opinion in which the public regards
> politicians?

Hi.  There is a case to be made for that, but I don't think this incident 
adds to the evidence.

The senator believed a press report.  Is that prima facie evidence of bad 
judgment?   Maybe, but I'm not *that* cynical yet.

ObRadio: WBUR debuted the "Me and Mario" show tonight from WAMC, in which 
the ego of Mario Cuomo readily fills half an hour of weekly airtime.*   The 
host said, among other things, that the former governor's mind is 
infinitely greater than his own, and admitted that he loves Gov. Cuomo.

Some loves are better off not speaking their name.
- --Richard


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