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Re: Y-107

Not bad. :)

It's actually a quad-cast: WWXY, WWZY, WWVY, and now WRNJ-FM, Belvidere, NJ, all
on 107.1. Also, I think the stations just got a doubling power increase -- not
sure if it is in effect yet -- which should help them in NYC. Otherwise, spot
on. :) Their web page is at http://www.newcountryy107.com/

Doug Bassett wrote:

> Y107 is I beleive a trimulcast of WWVY Hampton Bays, NY; WWXY Briarcliff
> Manor, NY; and WWZY Long Branch, NJ. All are on 107.1. I remember reading
> somewhere a year or two ago about the formation of this trimulcast (Daily
> News or Airwaves, don't remember which). I understand that the three
> stations cover the outskirts of NYC nicely but in NYC proper don't do much
> signal-wise (all are Class As). I haven't ventured to NYC since 1989 (didn't
> listen to much radio in the brief time I spent there, either), so I can't
> say first hand....
> Doug Bassett
> West Brattleboro, Vt.

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