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Re: Easy listening

In a message dated 98-04-28 01:12:45 EDT, lawyer@world.std.com writes:

 > WQEW and other stations like it, such as most of the "Music Of Your
 > Life" stations (WXKS-AM locally) do NOT make money if they are standalones.
 > However they provide a "Boost" to the co-owned FM station, where ratings
 > are totalled in any given market.  But even those AM's with co-owned FM's
 > usually don't hold their own.  There are a few exceptions, but very few.   
 What about WJDA in Quincy? 

Have you noticed that WJDA brokers a lot of time these days?   -to special
interest and/or ethnic concerns.    A sure sign that the 'regular format' does
make enough money.    Ooops, so is 740-WJIB.

- ---jibguy