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Re: Adventure Car Hop

On Tue, 28 Apr 1998, David W. Harris wrote:

> It seems we still haven't nailed down the exact location of Adventure
> Car Hop but here's something to look for:  a television series called
> "Wheels" about the history of the automobile in the U.S.  I forget when
> this originally aired but it turned up again last year on WGBX-TV (oops,
> of course I meant 'GBH-44) and New Hampshire Public Television.  One of
> the episodes was devoted to diners, drive-in theaters, and...Adventure
> Car Hop!  Arnie Ginsberg was interviewed (if I remember correctly) and
> so was a woman who used to be one of the car hops.  I'm 75 percent
> certain that this segment closed with a shot of where the drive-in once
> stood...now a parking lot.
I wonder whether we can get hold of Arnie and ask him. 

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